Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wheelbarrow vs. lawn cart

Wheelbarrow vs. lawn cart

I recently acquired a lawn cart and wanted to write about this handy item for the yard.  I have a yard that is over an acre and a half.  Through-out the year, I move materials all over the place.  Things like leaves, needles, branches, dirt, compost, fire wood, and vegetables from the garden.  A wheelbarrow is classic and they are readily available at home stores and I have two.  However, I do not recommend them.  This is for one simple reason.  When operating one, you have to bend, grab hold of both handles, and lift.  There is no other way to move it.  Taking one handle and dragging it would be too heavy and would possibly result in the wheelbarrow tipping over.  This is a terrible design yet we live with it because we assume this is just the way things are and that we don't have a choice.  Enter the lawn cart.  The lawn cart has two large wheels on either side of the box and a handle that is connected.  When moving a lawn cart, the operator only has to take it by one hand.  You can walk forward or backward.  Other advantages are that it is light, the container is deeper, there is no need to bend, and materials can stack easily and high inside it.    Do no waste your money or hurt your back with a wheelbarrow.  Buy a lawn cart instead.

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