Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I liked in my past jobs

I will attempt to convey what I liked about my last three jobs.

As an Inside Sales Representative at a Cisco reseller, I liked creating quotes for hardware.  By getting the quote to look attractive to the customer or the outside sales rep was something I took pride in.  Before the quotes were made, I would have to configure the products.  This was done in a special online tool that Cisco had developed so that people would order the right products.  I thought I was pretty good at that.  I enjoyed working in an office that was clean, where people tried to help, and the coffee was free.  It was also helpful to have an incentive on gross sales for the month.

As an Inside Process Specialist at a call center, I liked the variety of tasks that would go into the selling of Cisco service agreements.  I enjoyed gathering customer contact information, working up equipment reports, and discovering sales made by my customers.  It was satisfying to keep track of the sales process and discover a purchase that I could take credit for.  This job provided some training in sales and an exposure to many computer and online tools.  Having a quarterly bonus to work for gave me something to look forward to.  Being a work from home agent allowed for a short commute and much savings in terms of money and time.

As a Lab Assistant at the local blood center, there were several things that made this an enjoyable experience.  I liked the variety of tasks that I engaged in.  I would label products, prepare shipments to hospitals, organize testing tubes, along with many small things that added up.  I was able to have control over my whole shift and I took what I did seriously.  The time of day I was there allowed me to work independently so I was able to select the radio station I listened to and when I took breaks.  I felt I had managements trust.  Being associated with an organization that was a good cause in the community was important to me.  

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