Friday, March 2, 2012

Constantly re-evaluating

During this time of career research, I have to constantly re-evaluate what I am doing.  I have to ask myself what is my highest priority.  What is giving me the best return on my time?  I also have to ask myself what is the activity that is the least helpful, the least likely to give me any sort of positive return.  I have dropped a few things.  At one point, those activities seemed like roads that were taking me to great places.  Yet, I choose to get off of them because they were draining me, I was not making a connection, or I was being controlled and not in control.  I think we all need to ask ourselves what is my highest priority?  What am I involved in that I could just as well cut from my schedule?  Am I busy just to be busy or am I accomplishing something here?  Is this activity something I am called to do?  Does it fit who I am and what I am planning on doing?  I sincerely believe that we all could cut some things from our schedule and be better off because of it.

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