Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ideal Job III

Personal finances has been a long-term interest of mine.  I am drawn to speakers on this topic.  People like Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey are people I will listen to and take advise from.  Their books are ones that I will buy and read.  I am conservative with my money and I will even be bold enough to say that I am pretty good at handling finances.  I like this overlap of the practical with matters of faith.  There is a nice combination there.  Working on finances is very clean and it is often about getting things in the right order and then making some adjustments to make things better.  I would like to find a position where I take a financial mess in peoples lives and give them some order.  I could see myself as a financial counselor where I advise, set up budgets, and periodically review progress.  It would be objective enough that it would not be emotionally draining.  I think I could be true to myself in this sort of role.

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