Monday, March 5, 2012

March morning jog

This morning I bundled up and went for a jog.  I put on a hat, long underwear, exercise pants, socks, running shoes, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and fleece top.  It was about ten degrees and sunny.  The roads were dry and clear.  Traffic was light.  The trees were sprinkled with snow and the sky was blue.  It was a classic view to behold.  I stretched to warm up and then walked a little ways down the street.  I jogged from the end of the road, down to the pond, went around the pond, and came back to the street end before I slowed to a walk again.  My head had a slight pound to it but it never really became an ache.  This is the third time this year I have gone out for a run.  I hope to run on Mondays and Fridays for about a mile and a half.  My goal this year is to run in four 5k's.  There is one coming up March 30th which I think I will enter.  Before then, I need to run at least one time for 3.1 miles just to get myself into condition.

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