Saturday, March 31, 2012

Raising funds for the public good

I can't tax you.  There are people out there who can.  Because they have the power to do so, they often do.  Yet, I think there are other ways to raise money for what we would consider public needs.  Schools are a prime example and the one I will speak to here.  We have a local technical college that is looking to build some buildings and expand their services.  They want to raise the funds through property taxes.  It is up for a vote.  Instead of thinking creatively, they are going default.  Instead of asking the public if they would voluntarily chip in, they want to take money from property owners.  Why not instead, ask for donations from wealthy individuals and prominent companies?  If people won't give voluntarily, maybe it isn't a good project in the first place.  Why not sell naming rights to the buildings they plan on building?  Why not take it slow and pay for the project with cash after the money has been raised in due time?  Why not ask local contractors to donate their building skills and time to the project and raise money for the materials?  To me, raising taxes is the last thing the government should do.  It is also the most lazy thing they can do no matter how good the cause maybe.

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