Thursday, March 22, 2012

Define winning

It has been said to begin with the end in mind.  How do you define winning?  I am a short-distance runner.  When I participate in a 5k, I define winning as finishing the race without stopping or walking.

There are five priorities in my life that I would like to define winning for.

1.  God - I would like to have a growing, loving relationship with my Creator.  Increasing in humility, awareness, and mercy.
2.  Family - I would like to spend quality time with my family.  Experiencing life together, relating, and doing various activities.  Focusing on their needs, I will serve them and help them reach their goals.
3.  Physical - I would like to have excellent health, be fully functional, at minimal pain levels.
4.  Finances - I would be a responsible overseer of resources.  My goal is to increase my holdings to a million plus so that I can give, do, and go as I decide too.
5.  Career - I want to work where I am using my strengths 85% of the time, where I am delighted with my contributions, making a significant impact.  Ownership, flexibility, and profitability would all be key components.

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