Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ideal Job I

An ideal job for me is as follows.  I would love to buy up foreclosed, abandoned, and dilapidated properties, take them down, and make the plot into a green space.  I have such an urge to better, beautify, and improve things.  I also like to be a responsible manager of resources.  This idea continues to come to mind repeatedly as it did once again Saturday.  I was watching the movie "Green Fire" which was about Aldo Leopold.  He bought up a large track of land in Wisconsin that had been irresponsibly used and, in time, turned it into a very natural, balanced location.  That inspires me.  I would like to do the very same thing.  Except I would like to take a house or an urban setting and raze the place and make it into a natural setting.  I would plant appropriate trees and shrubs and then walk away, letting it go natural.  It is a weird dream but believe me when I say it is in my head often and it is within me with some real energy.  How I could do this and profit, I have yet to figure that out.  Maybe you can help.  Leave comments below.

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