Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sports are on my radar and a part of my awareness but they are on the very edge.  Over time, the only team I have been able to keep any allegiance to is the Green Bay Packers.  I don't know if it is a long-term habit, the uniform colors, or the history but I can always get into a Packer football game.  College teams do not appeal to me in any sport.  Basketball at the national level has a slight appeal but not the Bucks.  The Brewers I enjoy somewhat but I can only get them on the radio around here and I will unlikely be a strong fan if they are never played on the television.  Some one asked me once if we were to agree to see who could reach the other end of the room first, would I care to compete.  He was in essence saying that he would compete under any circumstances.  His idea for a race did nothing for me.  I just would not care about something so trivial.  Way back in my schooling days, I was pretty much done by the time high school rolled around.  Putting on a uniform was not something I had a liking for.  I can't bare to give up my individuality and I don't like to perform in front of others.  The contracts signed by these players or their lifestyles are not something I can easily relate too.  Sports are okay and I appreciate the athleticism, hard work, and drive to win.  However, our nation is over saturated with sports and I think we could give this area of life a rest.

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