Thursday, September 27, 2012

All thumbs in the kitchen

This weekend I was listening to a podcast where the host mentioned that he couldn't boil water.  However his wife was a chef when it came to meal preparation.  It was yet another area that I identified with him.

I can make a sandwich, put the coffee on, and make a salad.  I have not been one who can put together a dish.  There are too many details and ingredients.  The recipe calls for things I have never heard of and then there is the whole measuring challenge.  I have noticed that when it comes to food, I like to eat it, but I get sleepy when it comes to assembling a dinner.

My contribution in the kitchen is clean-up and putting things away.  Although I don't relish getting my hands into the sink and scrubbing used dishes and utensils, I do it out of a sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute.

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