Friday, September 7, 2012

What brings joy to my heart

Garages:  I like seeing a new exterior garage go up on someones property.  It thrills me to think about putting everything away in the new storage building.
Mowing the lawn:  I feel good once the lawn is trimmed and cut.  I like putting my signature on the outside.
Water:  I love swimming.  I love using water to clean things off.  I love viewing water and listening to it moving.  I love being on water boating and flowing with the current.
Updated email & software:  Getting all my emails read and processed and software updated to the latest version brings joy to my heart because I like the feeling of being caught up.
Balanced checkbook:  My checkbook is balanced to the penny and that makes me feel good.
Check list:  I am happy when I see my to-do list with everything checked off.
Finding a deal:  I love finding a deal, preferably on-line.  I like big discounts and the right product for the right situation.  Free shipping is also wonderful.
Listening to music:  I like turning on the radio or pulling up a YouTube video of a performance.  Music can be very inspiring and it touches me in a way nothing else can.
Being there:  I like getting invited to events or happenings.  Especially events where showing up is really the only requirement.  I like to be myself and I like to give my love by being present.
Wildlife spotting:  When I see an animal moving around outside, I love to share my discovery with those I am with.

These are somethings that bring joy to my heart.  What brings joy to your heart?

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