Friday, September 28, 2012

Roller Rink

A few weeks ago I was invited to go to the roller rink.  A man in our church was gathering some people there for a surprise birthday party for his wife.  I have not been on roller skates for many years but I was game.  It was nice to be included in this gathering.  Often times, I just need to be asked to do something and I am willing.

It must have been over 5 years since I laced up skates.  I went with the traditional variety, not the roller blades.

Once out on the rink, it all came back to me.  The music was fun and the physical exertion got me going.

There were a lot of young kids there with their parents.  I felt bad that a number of them were struggling to keep any forward momentum and were falling down a lot.  Even more difficult was to see that kid who went to the side and decided not to keep trying.

We as a culture are so against failing.  If we can't do it right away, we count it as a fail.  We want to be dignified and together.  Let me say this:  when at a roller rink, you can't keep your dignity.  You must try and it will take some physical effort to keep going.  We are all making slips and adjustments.  Enjoy the music.  Be happy and smile.

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