Monday, September 3, 2012

Cooling off to LinkedIn

Over the last week or so I have noticed that I have been cooling off to LinkedIn.  In the past, I kept a tab open for LinkedIn and refreshed the page every few hours or when I noticed an update.  Now, I get on LinkedIn, check the few things I always do, and close the page for the day.  I think I am growing weary of the site because many of the people on there are way too put together.  They are corporate, they have the titles, and the amazing picture.  Competing with them is nearly impossible.  The other thought is that I have joined an on-line group called Free Agent Academy and they emphasized independent business ownership.  I find owning a micro-business very attractive and inspiring.  LinkedIn emphasizes the traditional job.  Linear income is not what I am after.  I much prefer residual income.  A last reason that LinkedIn has become boring to me is that other people do not update their profiles.  They do not add a picture, their job history is out of date, and they never join in conversation.  I wish more people would get themselves involved and be pro-active about their on-line professional profile.

I have spent a lot of hours on this website.  I have updated my profile and I have tried to jump in and provide some help for others.  Now maybe the time to let it go as it is not providing the return that I was looking for.

Are you using LinkedIn?

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