Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have noticed that I have some knack at editing.  I am not perfect but I seem to see things that others don't.  Like I will see an extra space in a sentence on someones resume and I will tell them about it.  Or I will read through a document and words misspelled with a red underline will get my attention and I use the Control-Click combination to select the right word.  Doing so is almost impulsive.  Sometimes the words on the overheads at church will be misspelled and I want to get into the sound booth and correct them.  There is a local park that recently was updated with new placards but those displays had many misspellings on them.  It really irritates me that people could not have done a better job at getting the words right.

It is important to me that words are spelled correctly and sentences look orderly.  Something is triggered inside me to do something about words that are not quite right.  Editing then is something I believe I can do for others as I can work quietly on the computer and it is something I enjoy.

Do you know some place that could use my editing skills?

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