Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saying the truth is not being negative

A number of times I have been accused of being negative.  It surprises me when I hear that from others that I care about.  Let me explain to you why I am not negative.

I am observational.  I view things, pass them through my filters of experience and understanding, and reflect what I think is reality.  My goal is to be truthful and to communicate as accurately as I can what is really going on.  My intention is not to cut someone or something just to be mean.  In fact, what I am attempting to do is to gauge the situation correctly.

My goal in life is not "fun at all costs", laugh at everything, and hurt people by letting them think what they are doing has no meaning or consequence.  I think many others lead their lives with little care for people and truth.  I don't.  I want people to live the very best that they can.  Sometimes that means they need to know things that may make them uncomfortable and require change.

I like to have fun but satisfaction is more important to me.  Part of being internally satisfied is doing things correctly and accurately.  So I may say things that are deemed negative when in fact I am trying to reflect the truth.

Before you accuse someone of being negative, consider that he or she may just want the best for people.

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