Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing games in the interview

This week I had a face to face interview with a company that is locally based and respected.  The lady I was suppose to meet in the lobby was not there and I called her but got her voice mail.  After waiting 5 minutes wondering if I had blown it, a man came down the elevator and introduced himself.  He explained that the woman I was scheduled to meet with was unavailable and he had been chosen to interview me.

When I was brought upstairs and into the side office I was guided to an office chair to sit in.  The manager excused himself to get some papers.  When I actually sat down, the chair was super low.  I attempted to adjust it upward but the mechanism was locked.  I tried to find the right lever to release but still nothing.  I thought of exchanging the straight backed chair behind me as it was higher.  I would like to tell you that I went with this inclination but I decided to stay in my chair.  I saw that they were playing a game.

The interviewer came back quickly and he and I were not at eye level.  I was low in my seat and uncomfortable with the arrangement.  My knees where above my waist and when I put my arms on the desk they were practically at my chin.

I saw this as the company playing games.  They wanted to give the message that they were in charge and that I was not.  I understand the whole manager and employee relationship.  However, I do not like to be put into a situation where I am not on equal footing.  I already had some mis-givings about this company and the job they were hiring for.  The chair being so low and what that represented did not make me feel any better about them or what work they had.

Have you experienced companies playing games like the one described above?

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