Monday, April 2, 2012

Clear out the junk now

Over a life time we can accumulate a lot of things.  If we stay in one place, it is easy to store more and more stuff.  We find more space, build more storage racks, and we tell ourselves we really need to hang onto it because it may eventually prove useful.  Please be aware that someone will have to go through what you leave after you have moved on or passed on.  It really should not be their job.  It is yours.  Clear out the junk now while you have energy and time.  If something is meaningful to you, have a special moment and let someone know the history and value of it, and give it away to a person who can understand.  Maybe a picture of your parents or maybe a special book is worthy to hang onto until you can pass it along properly.  However, those stacks of magazines and piles of old Cool Whip containers have no value.  Get rid of them.  Lighten up now.  Trickle the junk into the trash while you have time because this is your responsibility not someone else's.  Leaving a trash pile for others to sift through is not a way to bless people.  It is a hassle, difficult, and time consuming.  Make the decisions now about your stuff because you are the best one to do so.

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