Monday, April 23, 2012

Car wash

Now that the snow is all but certain to be done with, we took my wife's car over to the car wash on Sunday afternoon to do a little cleaning.  We do this in the bay so our cost was $2.75.  All in quarters.  I like to soap up first, then scrub the tires, and finally wash it all off.  There is usually just enough time to do all of this.  There was also some sap from the White Pine in our front yard that had dripped on her Buick.  That is not easy to remove.  After washing the car, we dried the windows and the inside of the doors.  After that, we filled up the gas tank and added air to one of the tires.  It is always amazing how a car seems to run so much better after cleaning it.  I may need to vacuum out the interior this week.  That is a job I usually enjoy as I can see my work and it betters me personally.  She also needs to replace her windshield wiper blades.

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