Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sometimes I think about relocating.  Now that our daughter is about to finish high school and move onto college, it would be easier.  I think I would be very willing to move in order to achieve my goal of worthwhile work.  It is true that we have invested in this community.  There are people here that we have talked at length with and have common experiences.  Those relationships would be difficult to leave.  However, the idea of new opportunities, a beautiful environment, and dynamic work might pull us over the edge and lead us to someplace different.  This is a wonderful little town we live in.  We have updated our home and have more plans to do so.  Selling and setting up elsewhere is not easy and it can be time consuming.  But I love the adventure.  I love building and growing in my life.  Sometimes an end of a season comes and it becomes time to write a new chapter.  We maybe at that point.  I am certainly open to it.

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