Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Job Fair

Early this week I went to a job fair.  I arrived with about an hour and fifteen minutes left.  It had been hinted to me that there would be better opportunities to talk to employers if I went later verses coming in early.  It took a while to get there as it was in the next county.  So I had something invested.  I came dressed professionally, resume ready, and energy high.  There were about fifty, maybe sixty, companies represented.  Some I had not heard of before.  There were a few people there I knew from my career networking classes.  The ailes were not packed and many employers were available.  Right away, I filtered out the military, the colleges, and the heavy industrials.  There just isn't the appeal or practicalness to those type of places.  My passion does not run high for those industries.  I see myself as an office worker who works on computers mostly and with people some of the time.  Metals and manufacturing are not near or dear to my heart.  With those companies that remain, I would approach the table and the person standing behind it as non-confrontational as possible.  I would extend my hand, say my full name, and ask how their day was going.  My next questions would be something like, "What are your companies greatest challenges?"  I would listen and learn.  If I had seen job openings with the company, I would mention it and ask questions or try to show an interest.  Yet, I don't think that the human resources person standing in front of me had any clue.  I even had one tell me that her companies greatest challenge was to find talented people.  I could have come up with a sarcastic remark but thought it more wise to hold my tongue.  Sadly, I think these companies become too picky.  They want it all and are not willing to take a chance on anyone.  I left a few business cards and resume's.  I gathered some pens and brochures.  As of today, I have not had one person contact me.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone gets a job after going to a job fair.

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