Monday, April 9, 2012


The next area of life is Intellectual or Personal Development.  One way I grow personally is by reading books.  My goal is to complete two non-fiction books per month.  I also challenge myself by attending seminars and classes.  Currently, I am about half way through Financial Peace University.  I also attend Brave Heart, a men's group at our church, every other Saturday.  There is another men's Bible study on each Thursday night that I attend which pushes me to speak and think.  Another way I grow personally is by reading blogs.  I read blogs written by Dan Miller, Jon Acuff, Seth Godin and several others.  A third way I grow personally is by listening to podcasts.  Some of the programs I hear are Writer's Almanac, No More Monday's show, and 48 Days.  One last area that I have experienced growth in is by trying new things.  I attempt to stretch myself by reaching into new areas that I have not explored before.  Avoiding failure and succeeding are not actually the point.  The objective is to try something new to see what it is like and to have the experience.  This maybe done by traveling, interacting with something in the environment, or introducing myself to someone I have not met before.  I enjoy personal development because I like to learn and become more of the person I was meant to become.

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