Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The first component to the wheel of life is career.  I think it is important to find one's calling.  I want to find out why I am here on earth.  Why has God placed me here?  What is it that makes me unique and special?  How can I maximize my contributions while in this world?  If you have read my blog for any time now, you know that I am an active job seeker.  So that means this area is getting attention but I am not in a position currently.  So that means I am not getting feedback on how to improve or in a place to apply my skills, abilities, and passions.  Yet, I think the work I am doing now with career research will pay in the future.  Getting this area right is so important because I believe that working in the right area, where I am a good fit, where I have passion, and where I have skills will make all the difference.  Monday's will not be dreaded and Fridays will be celebrated for the weeks accomplishments.  I do not believe that work means I have to be belittled, beaten down, underpaid, and all around miserable.  Work, improvement, and betterment are all important to me.  I expect to be respected, trusted, heard, and valued.  I would like to work for a company that is based in the heartland and debt-free.  It will be where faith is part of the culture and where Wall-Street is not in control.  I am looking for a place with flexibility in regard to time and earnings.  I want to be a responsible overseer of resources.  Finances, my Christian faith, and technology are ongoing interests of mine which I hope can be a part of where I land next.

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