Friday, April 13, 2012

Community Blood Center

It has been many years since I worked at the Community Blood Center.  My role was as a Lab Assistant.  I was there for five years and it was a good experience.  As I look to a new opportunity, I was thinking back on why I liked working at CBC for all those years.  There was privacy for one thing, as I worked in the lab over night and had just a few hours of overlap with other employees.  In previous work, I had been deeply wounded emotionally by co-workers.  This gave me time to heal.  I liked having control over my environment with lots of space to myself.  It was a job with many routine tasks.  I like predicability and steadiness and I like knowing what I am doing.  Putting things away in order is natural for me and there was a lot of inventory control with this position.  I liked how I could make decisions over my time.  Usually, I would get there and push hard on getting the blood bags labeled which took a few hours.  Then I would take a lunch break.  After that I hit a few more tasks for a few hours.  All the while I could choose the radio station I wanted to hear or I could keep it quiet.  I liked scheduling my own day and not having to put up with other people's poor choices and habits.

The hours were tough and made visiting with family on weekends very difficult.  There was also a picky employee in the lab that went out of her way to make her co-workers lives miserable.  Eventually, I grew more and more in my desire to earn a bigger paycheck.  This happened to be a straight hourly job.  That provided stability, which is important to me.  However, I had the stable base and was looking to do more.  It was eventually time for me to leave and try something new.

I am looking for a position where I have privacy, where I know what I am doing, that has routine tasks, involves order and organizing AND pays well.  I do not think that my gifts have to come cheap.  There must be a place that I can work that also has high salary.  I am looking for happy work and that means enjoyment in what I do and it also includes being paid well.

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