Friday, April 27, 2012

My preferred mode of communication

My preferred mode of communication is email.  I like to be able to write out and see what I am saying before I press send.  There is a comfort in getting it right and accurate.  It is also a handy thing to be able to check the sent box to see what was said and when.  I would not necessarily consider myself a good writer but there does seem to be an ease and comfort when having fingers on the keyboard.  It just seems right.  Email is also immediate but it also depends on two people putting in a real effort.  One person sends over the ball and the other has to pick it up and send it back for there to be two-way communication.    I am a visual learner so seeing type on the screen is easier for me to comprehend.  If at all possible, please reply to emails I have sent to you.  It is somehow confirming.  If you need to tell me something verbally, that is fine, but please write out the important points and send an email as well so I can refer to it.

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