Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am not the worlds most social guy.  It is not that I dislike people.  Even I have a social need.  However, if you are having an elective gathering, don't count on me being there.  I am not trying to be rude but I find a party to be emotionally draining.  I much prefer to spend my free hours with my family, at home, on the computer, or reading a book.  This is because I am introverted and I recharge my batteries by having downtime at home.  I do socialize in select areas.  I attend church on a regular basis.  I also attend a couple of career networking classes.  On Tuesdays, I am taking a financial management class in town.  There are also a few men's accountability groups I attend throughout the month.  I like to find people that I respect and trust because then I think the most can be done and the results can be the most favorable.  Whenever the extended family has a get-together, I make every effort to be in attendance.  This maybe Christmas, or a family reunion, a birthday, wedding, or funeral.  I like to get people's names and speak it back to them.  I try to exchange information that is beneficial.  It is always interesting to find out what people are up to because it can inspire and motivate me.  Overall, I don't think I am under social.  It is my goal to have quality friendships and to give back to the community as I can.

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