Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rejection letter

It is not a pleasant moment when you open your mail box and see a rejection letter waiting to be opened.  All that work ends with being told that you are not the one.  Phone calls, filling out redundant applications, scheduling interviews, writing a cover letter.  Waiting.  Hoping.  Then the "you're not good enough" letter arrives and you have to release that possibility and move on.

After all this time of experiencing the rejection letter, I will mention this.  At lease the company had the decency of sending some form of communication so that you know where you are at.  Too few places even send a rejection letter, or postcard, or email.  Is it that difficult to do?  I would not think so.  Surprisingly, the places that do follow through on this responsibility are government entities.  To that, I say, "well done".  I am glad that the government can communicate with its citizens about an important matter of employment.  Please companies.  When you have posted a job and you have received well written cover letters and thorough resumes, be decent and let the person know that they are no longer considered a candidate.  Even better, let him or her know what they could have improved in their documents or interview.  We want to improve our chances of being chosen the next time.

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