Thursday, April 5, 2012


The next area of life is Family.  I enjoy spending time with family.  Excitement to me is being home with my wife.  Things do not have to be crazy wild for me to feel satisfaction.  I like doing things together as husband and wife.  I like sharing about our daytime activity.  I like having meals together.  I like watching a program or reading a book in the same room.  This weekend is Easter.  On Saturday, we will get together with Brenda's side of the family.  On Sunday we will gather with my side of the family.  It will be a time of eating, talking, and taking pictures.  Nothing too complicated.  Also, not too long to take away the enjoyment.  At the end of the day, people go their own way and we go ours.  To have a successful life, I think it is important to invest time, energy, and interest into those right in your own home.  There are a few relationships that are not what they could or should be.  Yet, I am open.  It is my hope to live at peace with all men.  If people want to reach me, they can.  I think this part of the wheel of life is better than it was years ago and certainly the best for me as I enjoy being married.

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