Thursday, April 26, 2012


There is a lot of pressure to conform in our world, perhaps more than we realize.  We are told there are only a few choices when in fact there maybe many more choices out there.  I like to review what is available and contemplate what to do.  I would like to keep my identity and not be exactly like other people.  Others can make their own decisions, and I respect them enough to give them space and time to do so, but I would rather live my own life and I hope people can respect me enough to allow for that.  I have been burned by the group decision and I don't want to fall into that again for my detriment.  When the most popular or influential person gets to make the decision, it is not always the best for me.  In fact, latter I can regret going along with the group.  As a result, I may come across as "offish" or unrelenting.  Sometimes that serves me well and, honestly, sometimes it doesn't serve me well.  Often times, I am a late adapter because I want to see how this new thing plays out.  Are there consequences that weren't thought of at the onset?  I like to observe and see.  To sum it up, I want to be true to myself, my values, and my unique brand.  I don't want to be just like everyone else.  Being myself is what makes me unique and my difference brings my value.  Please allow for my individuality and try not to take offense.

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