Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My $100,000 dream

My $100,000 dream is that I could find a way to make an intellectual product that I could sell to people for one dollar.  This product would be something that I would create once but sell again and again.  Perhaps the product would be along the line of a song, a piece of art, an app, an ebook, or a nugget of wisdom.  Then I could repackage it and resell it again and again.  If I could find 100,000 people who would buy this in a year, I would have earned six figures.   Somehow, I think I could get by on that sort of money.  It doesn't seem that hard really but I know that people generally think that information should be free.  People want something they can handle or own.  I don't want this item to be physical because reproducing such a thing is more costly.  I would rather this item be of a digital sort so that reproduction would be at a cost of virtually nothing.  It is an intriguing thought to be able to do something like this.  In our internet era, it is a dream that is within reach.

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