Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seven areas of life

Zig Ziglar has a wheel of life concept when it comes to setting goals and leading a successful life.  The seven areas of life are Career, Family, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, and Social.  I have seen many other authors refer to these areas as the basics in life.  Sometime these are in a pie chart and likened to a wheel.  If one area is over inflated and one is under inflated then the wheel is not round and it can lead to a bumpy, unbalanced life.  I think the seven areas of life are a good start.  I have been thinking about them and setting up some goals around them.  The thing I find frustrating is how to get good at all areas all at the same time.  In my past, my career or job has made it very difficult to do any physical work-out consistently.  Right now, I am an active job seeker.  So, I have more time to get to the city pool to use the elliptical machine and have a swim.  But my finances are suffering.  Yet, I am attending Financial Peace University so maybe my finances are being helped or maybe my intellectual (personal development) is being helped.  I am not sure where to place that one.  See what I mean?  Life is always in flux.  Sometimes an area maybe set aside for a while but we eventually get around to it again.  I would like to have a career where I am still able to work on the other six areas of life and feel balanced and whole.

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