Friday, January 20, 2012

The 40 hour work week

I have to ask myself the question, is this the only option?  I have worked 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, two week vacation, a hand full of holidays throughout the year, with weekends off.  Is that the life I want to live?  I have lived it and it has been a part of the process and there is a certain stability to it.  But do I want to continue to live that sort of a life?  I don't know that I do.  I would rather work part-time hours but get paid full-time salary.  I would much rather choose the option of less hours and more freedom.  I am all about independence and ownership.  Real ownership.  I want to own my life and give it to what or who I want to give it to.  I want to have ownership over my salary and not depend on a faceless company for my income.  Isn't it possible to set things up so that there is more time off without doing terrible damage to one's finances?  I believe it is possible.  Some people may scoff at this idea but it excites me.  My time is the most precious thing that I own.  I want to be careful how I give it away and use it because once it is gone it is gone.

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