Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Networking challenges

Everyone seems to say the same thing when it comes to finding the right opportunity.  They say networking is the way to go.  My struggle with networking is that I am not involved with that many groups that would naturally lead to conversations and relationships.  I attend church regularly and I have recently started attending two career networking classes.  But that is it.  I am not part of a bowling or softball league, I do not go out for fish on Fridays and I do not drink so I am not involved with the bar crowd.  I am quiet and not very talkative.  I enjoy being in a group, listening, and observing what is going on.  I like people but I prefer a few close friends.  My preference is to keep to myself because I value peace and an inner calm.  I am better one on one, asking questions, giving my thoughts, and listening with a desire to help.  So this is all to say that enlarging my network is a challenge.  I do not let people into my life very easily or quickly.  I think this is because I need to see something in a person that is admirable before I can trust him or her.  When I see an honest spirit who shares openly, I am drawn to that, then I will open up too, and often that will lead to a deeper conversation.  From my side of the table, I would like to think I am willing to have conversations with anyone.  I hope I am not so hard looking that people won't approach me to tell me something or ask me about myself.  I am using the latest media to network but I find that many people I would like to connect to through Facebook or Linked In are not using those services.  Or they update infrequently.  Being on the computer to network is almost a preference as it allows me to have more time and control over what I am saying.  Although I will still post bone-headed things.  If you are part of my network, please be assured that I appreciate you and I hope we can connect online as well as in person.

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