Monday, January 2, 2012

Cell phones

I am not a big fan of cell phones.  Mega companies and our culture push them on us like they are something we have to have to survive.  People use them while driving, causing them to be distracted.  They come with a monthly bill which can be outrageous.  They ring during meetings which makes everyone lose track of the conversation.  People speak loudly into them.  Some studies show that using them can be harmful to the brain.

I can be a late adapter especially to things I view as being a fad.  So I have been late to adapt to cell phones.  When I got married, I had my wife cancel her cell phone as it seemed to be a bill we could cut and a service we could live without.  I never really had that many people to call anyway.  Besides, I had lived as long as I had and made it.  Eventually, my wife and I bought a TracFon.  It was small and we put minutes on it when they ran low.  Having it has been a nice option.  I used it to call and say I was coming home from work or some other short message.  In the last couple of years, we piggy backed on our daughters cell plan and this has made for a very affordable plan for us.  My wife usually is the one who carries our cell phone but sometimes I leave the house with it.  For a while I had an iPhone.  In my heart of hearts, I did not love it.  Firstly, it wasn't mine, it was the companies phone.  Secondly, I had an iPod Touch which I did love and the job was causing me to be pulled away from something I loved to something I merely respected.  I would go back to having an iPhone and would recommend it but this time it needs to be mine not someone else's.  I know cell phones can be convenient but they come with a cost and the style of those who use them comes across as shallow which isn't me.  I prefer my iPod Touch with wi-fi as I prefer to listen and to read.

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