Friday, January 6, 2012

Snowfall this season

This winter season has been merciful when it comes to the amount of snow we have received.  I have to admit that this has been a big relief.  For the last three or four years we have had tremendous snow amounts here in Wisconsin.  I know it should be expected considering the location but believe me when I say that not all people here are happy with the long winters of the north.  As a result of these past snow storms, I have had to do a lot of snow removal.  Sometimes shoveling the driveway can be peaceful and good exercise.  It gives me sometime outdoors to do something physical.  Other times, it can be a chore that I could do without especially when I am out there several times per week.  Snow can have an attractive look to it as it drapes the trees and covers the ground.  It can look clean and new.  Then it melts a little and the county plow trucks throw salt on it and the next thing you know your car is a mess as are your shoes.  I am glad we have only have a trace of snow on the ground.  Although we have had three snow falls, they have been relatively light and the temperatures have been enough to melt most of it.  I am thinking of getting a snow blower to deal with the snow.  For a long time, I liked the Cub Cadet 221 LHP.  However, I recently found the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 to be just as good or not better in customer reviews and $150 cheaper.  So I might go with that.  Right now, I am using the old shovel which has worked well enough for what we have received this year.

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