Friday, January 13, 2012

Thoughts on Tim Tebow

I am a Green Bay Packers fan.  My type of football is the professional level.  Following the hundreds of colleges and divisions is too confusing to me.  I watch the Packers play and maybe do a little reading during the week.  So I don't always know what is happening around the league or on other teams.  One of the major stories this year has been Tim Tebow.  He has been vocal about his faith.  Here are my quick thoughts.  We value diversity and freedom of speech in this country.  Yet when a young man says what he believes, gives credit to someone higher, sings songs that are meaningful to him, he is hit with a bunch of criticism from the media and the world who claim to value being able to say what one wants to say.  It seems like the better, more polite thing to do is to let him do and say what he wishes.  It is his life.  Let him alone to do what he wants to do.  Why does everyone have to do it the same way?  Tim is just being himself.  I respect that.  Now his team may not win this weekend.  But it has been a fun ride I am sure.  His beliefs are not lessened by the outcome this Saturday.

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