Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spend money to save money - part 8

Consumer Reports is a magazine that has been around for years and is well trusted.  I love reading product reviews and that is all that this company does.  My wife brings it home from the library now and then but you may want to purchase a subscription.  The cost is only $26 for a year.  By using the advice in this publication you can easily recoup this small cost.  I like having a few magazines around the house anyway, to leaf through for light reading and general awareness.  Consumer Reports also has a service for those looking into buying a brand new car.  It is called New Car Buying Systems.  The report is only $14 and it tells you what the dealer paid, what the dealer receives in hidden rebates, and what the Consumer Reports bottom line price is.  This is definitely a way to spend a small amount of money to save chunks of cash at the time of purchase.

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