Thursday, January 26, 2012

TV vs. radio in the mornings

For me, it is definitely the radio.  I have a radio in the kitchen which I turn on shortly after getting out of bed and starting my day.  The morning radio show I choose to listen to is a Christian station.  The hosts make it sound more personal and the variety of programing makes it interesting.  I can tell the approximate time by what they are playing at any given moment as they follow a loose schedule.  The radio was the source of news in the mornings at my parents house.  It never even occurred to me to have the television on at such an early hour.  The only times TV was on early was Saturday mornings and that was strictly us kids and for fun only.  I have been in homes were a small TV was in the kitchen and it was on as everyone got ready.  It seemed to pull my interest away from the people I was visiting.  I would also find myself missing the morning radio programs.  In our home, the TV is placed far away from the normal living places.  Being out of sight most of the time, it is also out of mind.  I would recommend the radio in the morning if you are needing some input from the outside world as you have breakfast and gather yourself for the day.

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