Monday, January 9, 2012

Farm Fields

In Wisconsin, there are farm fields all over the country side.  At this time of year, they are of course plowed and empty.  The variations in color are notable.  Some have a deep, rich loam while other can be a lighter brown with remnants of last years crop.  Driving on any county road or even highway will yield a view of many of these fields.  It is a lot of open space and private property.  The fields being empty of any crop means it is empty of almost all life.  Animals don't go there because they would be too visible and there is no food for them.  In someways I like seeing everything plowed, cleared, and cleaned up.  When the crops have been planted and are growing, there is a sort of goodness about the whole thing.  Yet, I do have some advice for the people who work this land.  PLANT TREES!  I would especially encourage this where their property butts up against a road.  This would be good because it will slow erosion, keep snow from blowing onto the road, provide a scenic view for drivers, and allow birds a place to find food and shelter.  The county usually cuts the grass in ditches and the farmer usually plows his field right up to the edge so there is nothing of significance that is growing in these transition areas.  One of the two need to put in some plant life for the better health of our planet.  It would cost very little and be very simple to do.  It saddens me when I see a hedge row or a tree line cut down.  So often it is unnecessary and actually counter productive.  I would like to see these crucial natural systems regrown. 

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