Tuesday, August 28, 2012

168 hours

Each week we all receive the same 168 hours.  No one is different in this regard.  The time we have is a gift and how we use it determines our success, our eternity, and our relationships.  Right off the top, most of us sleep for 8 hours a day, so 56 hours are removed immediately.  That leaves 112 hours.  I figure an hour and a half a day is used for eating and preparing.  That maybe a little low but another 11 hours are gone just to survive.  We probably take a shower everyday, brush our teeth, shave, and change into fresh clothes.  I estimate that takes another 4 hours.  If you do anything to take care of your soul, like reading inspirational material or gathering with other like-minded people, that may take another 7 hours.  Exercise may take another 5 hours per week.  People have jobs which can be forty hours or more plus the commute can take another hour in the day so there is another 45 hours gone.  Now we are down to about forty hours.  You may use some time to socialize, to read, to do housework, and to shop.  Once those are complete, there maybe twenty hours left for your benefit.  How are you using that little sliver of time each week to improve the world, to better your community, to bless your family, or to build something of value?

Do you budget your weekly 168 hours?

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