Monday, August 20, 2012


Last week I was listening to a podcast where the host was relating how he was discontinuing his Facebook account.  One of his reasons was that being on FB never changed the world.  He also saw it as strange that people are communicating with classmates from grade school.  Without FB that would never happen.

It is funny that he dumped Facebook the very week I committed myself to posting once daily.  I had not been using the social media site on a regular basis and thought that maybe I needed to ramp it up to increase my exposure there.  I also like the idea that posting on-line leaves "bread crumbs" for those who are trying to find something about you.  As I am in the midst of a job hunt, I want people to find good things about me.

His comments did give me permission to take some people out of my news feed.  There is one man I am friends with who I worked with in the past.  When we worked together we were never on the same team and we only said "hi" in the hallways.  Even though I enjoy the words this man posts, he puts something up maybe eight to ten times.  Way too much in my opinion.  People should only be posting two to three times a day on any given media outlet.

Secretly, I would like it if a few of the people I have connected with would drop me.  When I initially set up my account with Facebook I was accepting friends left and right.  Only later did I regret this.  Now I don't feel I can de-friend someone without offending them.  I also have a few of those grade school buddies that I have never seen post high school.  It is silly when you think about it.

Facebook to me is too open.  It is trying to be all things to all people.  An approach I have never liked as anyone and everyone can be a customer.  I like a more targeted audience.  I like a little exclusivity.

My plan is to keep my Facebook account open.  I hope to use it to express who I am and to get a little news from those I care about.

Are you using Facebook?

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