Friday, August 31, 2012

Living the dream

I was reading a blog post this week by someone I admire.  He was relating how someone he knew said she was living her dream.  Now, she didn't have everything she wanted but the life she had imagined and the life she was living were lined up.  There were goals ahead of her but she was confident that she could reach them.

In some ways I am living the dream.  I have lots of freedom and plenty of free time.  I have a loving and supportive wife.  I meet friends for coffee.  I have taken trips to scenic parts of the country recently.  I like the books that I have been reading.  The technology that I get to interact with daily is very stimulating.  I live somewhere that is peaceful, quiet, and green.  I am exercising regularly and feel in excellent health.  Now, I don't have all the money I would like and I am missing some structure and purpose but I do have a lot of the elements of a successful life right now.

Is it possible to live the dream and not have all your goals completed?

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