Monday, August 13, 2012


I am pro-life.  People have intrinsic value because they are created in the image of God.  They have souls that will live forever.  I think people need to be allowed to live out their entire natural lives.  From conception to old age.  All that can be reasonably done to keep a person alive, should be done to the best of our ability.  When a life is cut short due to someones malicious actions, I think it is an affront to God.

Being pro-life for me goes beyond just humanity.  I am pro-life when it comes to any form of life in nature.  Animals are still God's creation no matter how yucky they may come across to us.  I don't like to see animals abused or I don't like to see nature trampled.  When the outdoors are seen as some sort of open garbage can, I cringe and it troubles me on the inside.  When I see any part of creation treated for less than what it is, it takes glory away from God in my eyes.  It seems like the life He holds together is being disrespected.

I think all life should be respected and honored.  We should hold a reverent and curious view toward it.  We should ask, "what is the purpose of this entity?" and "how can I learn from it?" and "what does it tell me about the One who made it?"

Can you understand my position on being pro-life?

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