Friday, August 17, 2012

Get rid of your own trash

I may have posted on this topic already so I apologize if I am going over old ground here.  This week I was out at a relatives place to mow his lawn and to clean up his property.  He is no longer able to live at his mini-farm and is instead at a nursing home.  I genuinely enjoyed getting on the riding mower and trimming the lawn.  I find satisfaction in this activity and I especially like putting my signature on the place by making choices that I think are appropriate.  After lawn maintenance, I knew there would be some things in the house that needed to go to the dump.  Unfortunately, some of those things included old carpeting.  The carpeting was full of sand and cat hair.  It was big and difficult to handle.  What an awful task!  We actually threw the carpeting out of an upstairs window to get it down to the ground without having to carrying it down the stairs.

What had been a fairly enjoyable few hours of being outside taking care of the lawn turned into a filthy task of bringing decrepit things to the land fill.  I really hated the job and it was difficult not to have resentment and bitterness.  My wife realized that we had done enough for one day and if we had stayed longer even deeper resentment would have settled in.  So we left but there is always more garbage to go through.

My message is simple.  Please get rid of your own trash.  Do not leave it to your children or to those who come behind you to pick up and dispose of.  It is not their responsibility and it is not fun to do.  Take a little at a time to the dump but have the goal of leaving as little for your children to sift through as possible.  Those things that you keep hanging on to mean almost nothing to your heirs.  The idea is to bless your children and grand children.  By leaving them a mountain of garbage you are leaving a horrible legacy.

Is there anything you can get rid of today?

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