Monday, August 6, 2012

Mowing the lawn in North Carolina

Over the weekend, we drove out to North Carolina.  There were a number of things in our house that we needed to bring to a relative out here.  It was a two night, three day trip for us.  On the way we were able to see my sisters family for a short time Friday night.  As we drove east we enjoyed the mountains and trees in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.  It was a nice drive as the highway system is built quite well in this country and we were able to talk about what we were seeing and experiencing.

Monday is the only full day that we will be here.  We are not looking to be entertained but instead are here to help.  The tasks that fell to me were taking the garbage to the landfill and after that to mow the lawn.  I really enjoyed mowing the lawn.  Sure, it was hot and I was sweating gallons but I was glad to help anyway I could.  When mowing, my mind goes to how I could experience this sense of enjoyment all the time.  Maybe I just need to start a lawn mowing business, go door to door, and offer to mow people's lawns.  It seems so simple but I have never gone door to door to ask for business.  I would like to have this sense of accomplishment and satisfaction all the time though.  Maybe we need to move here and start a company to service people's homes as I think the heat keeps people indoors whereas I actually like it.

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