Thursday, August 30, 2012

Companies that I admire

Earlier this week, I was meeting with my career coach.  We sat down and reviewed my Networking Brief.  At the end of the page, we are suppose to list companies that we admire and wished to work for.  On my list I sprinkled in Apple, Amazon, and Google.  He advised me to remove those companies as they are not around here.  That left me with local companies that don't create the same passion or admiration in me.  I struggled with this advice and it kept me up at night.  I don't know how I would ever land work with one of these internationally know companies.  It doesn't seem possible or even likely.  I am not even sure if they would have me.  But there are definite things about them that I like.  Elegant, powerful tools is what Apple makes and the company is debt free.  Apple has had strong leadership with a dynamic CEO.  They recently surpassed Microsoft in market net worth.  Amazon is number one in customer service and consumer admiration.  I shop there because of the low prices and product reviews.  They make it so easy.  Google is my search engine of choice.  I also use their blog, email, and landing page.  All these companies are number one is their field, they are doing dynamic things, and they are worth billions of dollars.

Sure, these companies are not around here.  Yet I admire them and I thought that was the question.  Maybe their company culture is something that I could replicate around here.  It is not that I seriously thought I could find someone who could refer me to someone within one of those companies.  The idea was that these organizations were ones that I like and that says something about me.

Do you dream of working for a Apple, Amazon, or Google?

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