Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Key elements to satisfaction at work

For me to be happy in my life's work there are several key elements that need to be there.  I need to have my freedom.  I can not be caged like an animal or babysat like a child.  There needs to be profitability so that I can afford a reasonable lifestyle, aggressively save, and generously give.  I need to be around people I respect, admire, and appreciate.  Those I am around need to speak well, care about their appearance, and seek to be real.  I need to have new experiences and opportunities to grow personally.  I can handle routine to some extent but I do like to improve and change for the better.  I do not want to be with people who are lording it over me, who are excessively picky, or who expect me to be someone I am not.  In my work, I need to be out of the spot light and not expected to entertain.  Email would be the primary way of communicating with only a few phone calls or meetings.  Things I care about are nature, doing the right thing, finances, the next generation, and technology.

Do you know of a place with these key elements?

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