Monday, August 27, 2012

Hiding blogs in blogger

I follow several blogs in Googles Blogger.  It is usually a daily stop where I can click to read some good content.  My intent is to read things in the morning that feed my mind with light, wisdom, and ideas.

There are several blogs that I have in my list that have not provided an update in months.  After sleeping on it, I decided that I really did want to delete those dead blogs.  However, there is not that option.  Hiding the blogs is the only option.  Why does Google do that?  Some of those blogs are really stand-a-lone websites and not related to Google.  I just find it odd.  To me, I should be able to decide for myself what is in my list of blogs and what gets deleted.  By hiding blogs I am no longer interested in following, I feel like something is left undone.  It doesn't feel clean.

Do you know of a way to delete a blog from your reading list in Blogger?

Edit:  August 31, 2012.  I found a way to quit following a blog.  Go to Google Reader and click on Blogger dashboard.  There will be a new tab listing all the blogs you are set up to follow.  To the right, there is a hyperlink called "Settings".  Click on that.  There will be another hyperlink "Stop following this site."  Click on that and there will be a pop-up message asking if you are sure.  Click "Stop Following" and the blog will be removed from the list of blogs you want to follow.  

Pretty simple but buried.

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