Friday, August 3, 2012


Water is something I enjoy being around and I don't think I have realized just how much I have valued it.  Some of my best memories in my formative years involved water.  I remember that every summer camp I went to was on a lake and I remember swimming and playing in the water.  I took swimming lessons at the YMCA throughout the years.  Many of my vacation destinations have involved water.  Bodies of water are points on the map that I want to see and explore.  Water is very comforting and relaxing to me.  It is refreshing and cleansing.  It feels right.  It provides just enough resistance in play and for exercise.  In my life, I hope to involve more and more water.

I grew up with a large track of farm land both in the front of our house across the street and in back of our property.  I did not grow up on a lake or near water.  I do not recall any friends who had homes next to water.  As a result, I have been assuming all this time that having a large amount of acreage would be satisfying because I like to have control and manage how a property looks.  Now, I am not so sure that is really my dream.  I think being on, in, and around water is more satisfying and more accurate with my true desires.

Do you enjoy water?  How have you been able to spend more time in and around water?

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