Thursday, August 9, 2012

Internet privacy

I am a private person.  I tend to hang out on the edge of groups.  I observe and monitor what is going on around me but I stay out of the thick of things.  I like to be at home and work in my back yard where I can recharge and think about the day.  When I first got onto the internet, I was very careful about having my name out there.  I had an anonymous email address and any comments posted I also did anonymously.  One day that all changed.  I did a search for my name and my address and there it was.  Totally open for the world to see.  People could find me if they wanted to.  Anyone could be on my front door step in 24 hours.  I found that shocking but then that feeling was quickly followed by relief.  Don't I want people to find me and know me?  Today, I use an email address with my full name, blog at a location that shares my name, and post in comment fields using my name.  I want people to know me and to see what value I bring.  I think that is much healthier than trying to skulk around attempting to dodge people.

What are your views on internet privacy?

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