Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New blog

My goal for this blog has been to express who I am, to let others in on my world, and to leave "bread crumbs" around the internet for people to find.  I have attempted to blog five days a week and have been doing that since the later half of last year.  In all this time, I have received one unsolicited comment from someone I don't know.  My metrics indicate that the views of my blog are at most one or two per post.  My only follower is my wife and I am not sure if she even reads my posts.

So I think I will continue on this habit until the end of the year.  After that I would like to start another blog.  That blog ideally will be of a topic that I can write about and in the process establish myself as an expert.  At the moment I don't know the name of the blog or the topic.  I am just getting the sense that what I am doing now is not having much benefit and will need to close soon.  It also feels that what I am doing is starting to run in circles and I maybe repeating myself.

Initially, I had taken the Seth Godin challenge to blog every day.  He said it was the best way to ship an imperfect product to the world and to get feedback.  I thought it was a good idea at the time and still do.

It has been helpful to write out my thoughts and experiences.  Committing to blogging daily has been a good discipline and a way to keep myself accountable.  When I write, it puts my feelings on the electronic page and I am able to verbalize them much better by having typed them out.  Otherwise, I am not always able to express what I think off the cuff.

Any thoughts on what topic I could write about?

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